Hillbilly Spore Syringe (P. Cubensis)


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Skill Level Beginner
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Spore Color Purple / Black
Speed Quick

Kit Contents

  • 10CC Psilocybe cubensis spore solution in luer-lok syringe
  • 1 x sterile 18ga blunt tipped needle
  • Our Hillbilly syringes are highly concentrated with spores and must be shaken up vigorously amongst the solution.

Strain Origin

Hillbilly (p. cubensis) is one of the rare strains with a deeply-rooted American origin story. The strain was discovered in the hills of Arkansas by a mycopia user named,”The Hillbilly”, and has been spread across the deep south ever since. It is one of the few strains that represents the American south-lands, and its name is meant to tease at a natural tradition / rural way of living in those areas.

A “hillbilly”, despite its negative connotations, can be met with pride when working with this strain because of how easy it is to work with, its geographical origin, and its beautiful morphology. This mushroom truly embodies southern hospitality, with the distinct aura of the region’s underrated biodiversity. It is a great strain for mycologists and hobbyists of all skill levels. WARNING: HILLBILLY IS HIGHLY POTENT AND SHOULD NEVER BE CONSUMED OR PROPAGATED. IT IS ILLEGAL TO DO SO UNDER FEDERAL LAW


Hillbilly is relatively easy to work with. It is on par with Golden teacher, or, the strains listed in our world-famous Beginner’s 5-pack

Spore Features

The spores of Hillbillies are dark purplish to black, and sub ellipsoid on 4-spored basidia. Caps are generally dark spore printers and 40-60mm in diameter. 


Hillbilly is commonly discussed, but pretty rare in today’s market. Specifically, it is difficult to find Hillbilly spores that have verified genetics, quality, and come from a reliable vendor. We’ve been in this business since ’08 and our team of mycologists ensures the quality of every single batch. Enjoy your hillbillies without worry!!

We all take different roads on our path to mastering mycology. If you are intimidated by this strain, or are simple unsure, consider looking at all of our magic mushroom spores. !

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Exceeded Expectations!

Albsolutley satisfied with the genetics here. I had no issues whatsoever, as this strain possesses the resilience to outside stressors (not limited to temperature). Would buy again 100%. Order was shipped within 2 days. ✌️

Michael W.
1st Time

Great service, fast!

Christian D.L.

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The packaging and shipment were excellent, ensuring that my order arrived safely and promptly. What stood out to me the most was the exceptional customer service - they were responsive, helpful, and truly went above and beyond to address any questions or concerns I had. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality products and top-notch service.

Bruce K.
The Holy Trinity

First on the list is: genetics and Eden spores delivers 110% on all my research and development needs. Beginners start here.

Thank you

Purchased 6 varieties for study- beginner pack plus syringe of Hillbilly. Shipped fast and great packaging. Thank you