Magic Mushroom Kit | Grow Your Mycology Hobby


Growing your magic mushroom hobby has never been more actionable!

Our ‘magic mushroom’ kit includes 3 popular strains of psilocybe cubensis & psilocybe natalensis (spores) as well as microscope slides to make your experience a breeze. These strains are easy to work with, fun, and will help you cultivate new research skills as a mycologist.

What is included in the Magic Mushroom Grow Kit?

  1. Albino Penis Envy Spore Syringe (p. cubensis)
  2. Blue Meanies Spore Syringe (p. Natalensis)
  3. Golden Teacher Spore Syringe (p. cubensis)
  4. Three microscopy slides for research

The Magic Mushroom Kit is a legal, safe, and trusted way to grow your magic mushroom hobby. Why?


🍄 Our magic mushroom kit has real spores from real psilocybe mushrooms

Each spore is healthy, viable, and contamination-free.

🍄 Our magic mushroom kit is trusted by thousands of people

Successful research is simple with the magic mushroom kit, bringing your most creative ideas to life without the hassle. Our legacy of quality, customer service, and premier genetics has earned us a high level of trust in the community.

🍄 This product actually helps you reach your goals. 

If you’ve done a google search for a magic mushroom kit, you’ll see that everyone is selling bags of grain or substrate. We found this disingenuous, and have created the only kit on the market with genuine fungal genetics. Growing your magic mushroom research skills is just a few clicks away.

Want to try some different strains? No worries! Check out all of our magic mushroom spores. 


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