Making An Impact With Mushroom Spores

We’re always trying to advance the field of mycology with our products, and pride ourselves on the contributions we’ve made so far. In addition to our 70+ retail locations, Eden Shrooms is mentioned in scientific articles, websites, and content all across the web, which are listed on this page to exemplify our impact.

Need written expertise or free spores to use in a scientific study? Our team of mycologists would be happy to help! Reach out to [email protected] with your ideas. (Featured as a partner for reliable information pertaining to the Albino Penis Envy strain) (Mentioned as reliable source for psilocybe mushroom information)

Washington City Paper: (mentioned as a top spore vendor in America)

Mycomatic: (Products listed on trusted, third-party vendor)

The Shroomery: (Mentioned as an official trusted vendor of the Shroomery, the largest mushroom forum on the web in 2024. (Featured as an alternative mycological endeavor for those without access to local Morel foraging areas)

Daily Times Leader: (Exclusive article on Eden Shrooms work with Albino Penis Envy spores.)

PJ’s Plants & Nutrition: (Products featured as top quality spore syringes)

Psychedelist: (Mentioned as a top trusted vendor)

Instagram: 2000+ followers, 10k weekly impressions, featured on over 50+ pages in 2024:

Youtube: 500+ followers, 30,000 views, featured on 6 pages in 2024:

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Our Impact: Zoomed Out

1. Introduced “Blue Teachers” to the mycology scene. BT spores are sold exclusively on at this point in time.

2. Delivered Spore Syringes to over 20,000+ of mycologists & hobbyists in 47 states, influencing regional cultures as they relate to psilocybe mushrooms.

3. Pioneered spore syringe availability in retail locations to increase access. Now, customers can access spores within minutes of driving to their desired location.

4. Popularized the Albino Penis Envy strain as one of the most studied strains on the market

5. We’ve influenced the perception of synthetic psilocybe products as inferior to organic, quality genetics. Thus, we’re protecting the integrity of sacred mycology & elevating quality expectations for the industry as a whole.

6. Provided increased access to microscopy products for veterans suffering with PTSD via exclusive discounts, low-friction prices, and ways to acquire spores locally. We continue to think about how we can improve in this facet of our organization.